What David's Clients are Saying...

His genuine care for his clients shines through, earning him their trust and loyalty. With David, satisfaction is not just guaranteed, it's exceeded

Work With David

“This process has completely transformed my relationship to myself, my relationship to my partner, my friends, my community and my business…  ”

Sarah Anne Stewart

Founder of Sarah Anne Stewart 

“Before David, I was always trying to figure out the “right” thing to do — not understanding that “right” meant listening and trusting myself more deeply. I now listen more easily and trust more deeply in myself, staying in my own alignment and thereby arriving exactly where I need to be.”

– Mordechai Wiener, Founder of Reverse Approach


“Aligned Living does not just bring a higher level of performance to the work I am doing. It actually brings a higher level of joy and fulfillment. Which is something I couldn’t even have imagined tasting before doing this work.” 

Dominick Quartuccio

Author, Speaker, & Host of The Great Man Within Podcast

“(David) has made me access new parts of myself in completely new ways. I feel like I am more confident, more calm, and am a more ready minded person than I ever have been.

Dr. Ilana Gilovich


“At the end of the day the thing that makes the greatest impact is the connection you are able to create between one human being to the next.” – Ilan on what opened up for him from his work with Aligned Living. 

Ilan Ferdman

Founder of Satori Prime, Coach, and Speaker

“(David) ” showed me how to tune into my body and feel what being in an Aligned state even feels like to begin with. I would think I was in Alignment but now I had a (new) reference point. I am able to show up more powerfully… with my business, my son, and my wife. “

Dr. Joe Messina