What Does the 10 Week Experience Entail?

  • Weekly 90 Minute Live Small Group Trainings (5-7 People) diving right into the tools
  • Workbook Material Each Week
  • Recordings Placed in the Video Library for 24/7 Access
  • The ability for David to flex the conversation and tools to the group so you get exactly what you came for
  • *BONUS: 6 Week Exclusive Aligned Living Tools “How-To” Course so you don’t have to wait
  • You don't have to wait for the live course to begin. *BONUS: After Week 3, access to a weekly accountability cohort of seasoned Aligned Living Participants

*The Bonus 6 Week Aligned Living Video Course walks you through how to use each tool, breaking down the explanation and giving meditations and exercises for practice. You can’t get this course anywhere else as it’s not sold as a stand-alone.

*After week 3, The Weekly Bonus Accountability Group is composed of all current members using the Aligned Living System. Weekly meetings will consist of group channeling, meditations, exercises, and practice in a clean energy atmosphere. The most fun playground to be in!

Next Program Starts Saturday, June 29th! 

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How Will It Feel in the Transformation from Week to Week?


If you’ve played in this world before, you might think the experience will be the same. Don’t fall for the curse of “I already know that.” You may have had success with mindfulness, meditation, and energy work, but I always ask, “How is that working for you now?” 

The Aligned Living System is a proprietary personal development process and synergistic combination that creates an extraordinary, unique internal experience where clients report feeling more inspired, clear, and far more capable to face challenges.


Weeks 1-2: We’ll begin implementing the first tools and creating space by disengaging from the external world and tapping into ourselves.

Weeks 3-4: We’ll continue exploring the space we’ve created inside ourselves.

Weeks 5-6: We start seeing real changes AND feel the biggest need to push back.

Weeks 7-8: We’re in flow. We stop fighting. The real change happens and it sticks.

Weeks 8-10: We’re in the playground, it’s exciting and energizing, and clear.

“Before David, I was always trying to figure out the “right” thing to do- not understanding that “right” meant listening and trusting myself more deeply. I now listen more easily and trust more deeply in myself, staying in alignment and thereby arriving exactly where I need to be.”

- Mordechi Weiner, Founder of Reverse Approach

“David helped me build up my sense of self. He helped me get over a deep-seated fear of conflict and see the gift of feedback as an opportunity for growth instead of an attack on who I am. David helped me care less about what other people think of me, advocate more for myself, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. This shift has leveled up my business and every important relationship in my life. “

- Mark Krassner-Wave, Founder of Expertful

“Before David, I was terrified and confused because I’d felt like I was giving, giving, giving, and things weren’t coming together. I was overextended and I’d lost my center. I felt like I had to power though because I made these choices and I just had to work harder (an old pattern for me that I’d done for most of my life). After David, I was able to stop struggling up river and I learned another way to navigate. It happened almost overnight. I got clear. I built another tool set for actions, decisions and clarity that I use in my own life and with the men I help in my organization.”

- Dan Doty, Co-Founder of EVRYMAN, Wilderness Guide, and Men’s Work Leader As seen on Joe Rogan, The Today’s Show, New York Times, TEDx, Men’s Health, The Washington Post, Showtime

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