The World has Changed and is Pushing Us at Levels Most of Us have Not Experienced Before


The resilience we had a couple years ago just isn’t enough any more.

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Have you experienced these symptoms?


  • Lower energy levels & exhaustion
  • More absent minded
  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Increased anxiety
  • Less ability to bounce back 
  • Not feeling like our best self 
  • Less enthusiasm about life
  • Less adventurous 

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My name is David Waldas and I can help you.

 In 2016 I created The Aligned Living System and utilize it along with my deeply intuitive abilities to empower clients to unlock their full potential.

I work with people from all walks of life. My clients range from Stay at home parents to entrepreneurs,  C-Level Executives and High-Ranking Government officials, to Coaches and Speakers.

What they have in common is a commitment to continually developing themselves and creating a life that is deeply fulfilling and in alignment with who they truly are.

Sound like you? 

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Benefits of Aligned Living

Aligned Living clients report experiencing:

  • Increased Intuition
  • Greater resilience
  • More ease in their lives
  • An increased confidence and self-trust
  • No longer feeling caught in the push/pull of other people’s expectations.
  • Claiming their inner authority and creating healthy relationships & boundaries. 
  • Clearer thinking
  • More ENTHUSIASM, JOY, and sense of FULFILLMENT
  • More energy to accomplish what they want
  • Feeling more authentic and clear about who they are and what they want

 “Sitting down in my first couple of sessions with David, I was able to pierce right through my struggles. Aligned Living made the simplicity, clarity, and openness that I had only accessed in meditation before available throughout my entire life in a consistent and sustainable manner. It legitimately changed everything in my life – almost overnight.”

Dan Doty

Co-Founder of Evryman

What is the Aligned Living System?

The Aligned Living System is a proprietary personal development process that utilizes elements of mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and sovereignty techniques. This synergistic combination creates an extraordinary, unique internal experience where clients report feeling more inspired, clear, and far more capable to face the challenges we are all experiencing.


Due to Aligned Living’s unique nature, it is best understood through experience.

The Aligned Living System gives you access to a quiet voice inside yourself, outside of the social programing we have all received.

This voice is not interested in who you have been told you “need” to be or what is “supposed” to make you happy.

Rather, it knows what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

What People Are Saying About The Aligned Living System:

  • This system has given me more internal space. It no longer feels like the demands of life are coming at me all the time.
  • I feel like I can choose forward what is truly going to bring more,happiness, joy, and fulfillment in my life. 
  • feel more comfortable in difficult situations in all areas of my life. 
  • I don’t take people’s reactions to me as personally.
  • This system creates such dramatic results that I think of my life in terms of before and after Aligned living
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Want Deeper Insight?

Listen to Episode 20 of The Aligned Living Foundation Podcast:
How and Why People Change with The Aligned Living Practice

“This process has completely transformed my relationship to myself, my relationship to my partner, my friends, my community and my business…  ”

Sarah Anne Stewart

Founder of Sarah Anne Stewart 

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